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Session with Sol Sun of Love Method

  • 1 hora 45 minutos
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Descripción del servicio

For new and repeated customers. The most complete option if you want to go deeper in our session. What is the Sol Sun of Love method? In this reading, we will enter your energy at all levels: body, mind and spirit. We will read your Birth chart, open your Akashic Records, and if needed utilize Tarot and Angel cards- all of these tools will support us in the consultation. I will also guide you in a short energy-healing guided meditation for deep healing to occur- clearing old blocks and stagnant energy. The goal is to create more space for what's ready to come through into your life at all levels. What happens in this type of consultation with Oriana? -More than predicting the future by having this type of reading with me, I will raise you to a high energy level by opening your Akashic Records (the history of your soul and its path of evolution). -Once we establish this divine connection from the records, we will go into your Natal (birth) chart and I will describe to you where your soul is heading in this life and what are your great lessons to learn, and how, consequently, you can reconcile with your cosmic nature. Both tools (the records and astrology) will come together to deliver divine messages and confirmations, as well with answering your questions and current doubts in your life. **You will receive the recorded session and homework to follow up on your journey afterward. ** How do I know if this reading can help me in my journey? -My gift is to heal your energy and raise your frequency, reconnect you with your divine nature and simply be your mirror so that you REMEMBER what you came to do in this life through the tools I use. -I guide you to make peace with the challenges that keep knocking on your door and the cycles that you currently live. -If you are currently experiencing a personal crisis, the energy of our meeting will lead us to deal with this situation with love, patience, and evolution. I am here to support you and help you reconnect with your personal guidance and move those heavy blocks that are keeping you confused. - I recommend you FLOW with the calling to have this session and have faith. Questions?: Email OriSunofLove@Gmail.com

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Para cancelar o cambiar tu cita por favor contáctanos OriSunofLove@gmail.com - To cancel or reschedule your appointment please contact us OriSunofLove@gmail.com

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