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Bruja - Witch ✨🌙

(Eng ⬇️)

La Luna creciendo en el cielo y las brujas saliendo a la luz con toda a la luz de la sociedad 🤩😂. Permite que tu brujería blanca salga Sol 🌞 🦋 Bruja - Sirena - Sanadora - Mujer Medicina - Lilith - Obscuro Femenino - Hippy - Mentirosa….

Que digan lo que digan.

Que teman lo que teman.

Tu dale Sol hermoso 🌞 recuerda.


No permitas que el miedo de los demás empañe tu luz divina que viniste a mostrar.


The Moon is growing in the sky and the witches are coming to light with everything in the light of society 🤩😂. Let your white witchcraft come out Sol 🌞


Witch - Mermaid - Healer - Medicine Woman - Lilith - Dark Feminine - Hippy - Liar….

Let them say what they want.

Let them fear what they fear.

You just need to surrender to your highest self beautiful Sol🌞 Remember your inner witch.


Do not allow the fear of others to cloud your divine light that you came to show.


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